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Do you want to buy used riding equipment on the Internet safely? This site is for you! Visit site of online sale of equipment and riding equipment for horse and rider. The site offers a wide choice of equipment and equipment for the horse and rider to order online. Find the products of the biggest brands of riding at the best price and many more! Choose from our complete range of used saddles restored by our experts. Whatever the discipline you practice, we offer a custom range of saddles allowing us to best meet your expectations.

Good quality of saddles

The saddles of reconditioned occasions presented here have all been checked and validated by us. Our wide range of used saddles restored fits all types of morphology (horse / rider) to ensure the best comfort of the couple. Very narrow at the level of the passage of the thighs they ensure an optimal descent of leg as well as a horse / rider proximity unequaled for a maximum of sensations. Our restored used saddles can be tried, among our many saddles, you will find one adapted to the back of your horse and to your morphology. Discover the online sales site, the specialist in the sale of horse equipment and rider. The site offers a wide selection of saddles and accessories.

A wide choice of used saddles

Our online saddlery sells saddles and saddle accessories needed for riding. Whether leather, carbon or synthetic, all our saddles are adapted to the morphology of the horse and its rider. Our saddles are suitable for many disciplines of horse riding: jumping, training, endurance or horseback riding. You will find saddles from major brands such as Antares and Setzi. Our shop also sells complementary equipment online: saddle pads, webbing, stirrups. If you cannot find the saddle or the accessory that you are looking for you or your horse on our online sales site, contact us whatever your needs, in terms of used equipment it is here that it happens.

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