Some tips on choosing the ideal saddle

When we see people riding, we are far from suspecting that the saddles they use are not the same size. In fact, if you did not know it, all the minde can not use the same saddles unless you are twins. If we say so, it's because we noticed that people who tried to use identical saddles ended up feeling uncomfortable about them. So, that means that when you feel like riding, you will not be able to get the saddle from your father who was also riding. You will be required to buy one. Besides, we can say that finally it's not such a bad thing. By buying your own saddle, you make sure you have something that suits you perfectly and you will feel much better on the horse.

With us, you will find the right saddle.

We suspect that the only thing that concerns you right now is the price of the saddle. If you've taken the time to find out from stores that only sell new saddles, we understand why you're worried. But, if we are here today, it is to remove these concerns. To allow you to have access to saddles at really reduced prices, we specialized in the resale of used saddles. It is true that said like that, you can think that we sell saddles that are worn and that will not hold in the long term. But this is not the case. The saddles that we offer are really quality. By visiting one of our shops, you will realize it. The used french saddles that we offer are almost like new. Si vous n’avez pas un œil d’expert, nous vous garantissons que vous allez même penser que ce sont des saddles neuves. So, do not hesitate one second and come to find the saddle that will allow you to become an expert in riding.

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